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Our pets are an incredibly important part of our families. Noubar’s El Adobe Pharmacy understands this, which is why we’re pleased to offer pet medication services at our locations as well. Why run all around town to multiple places to get your meds as well as fill your pet medication? Get everything you need in one place at Noubar’s El Adobe.

Pick up your pet prescription at either of our two convenient pharmacies, and you can be sure that your beloved pets are getting the same elite level of pharmaceutical care as the rest of your family!

Frequently asked questions

Answer: No, human and pet medications are not the same at all -- they are specially formulated to interact with the biology of the species that they are prescribed to. You should never take your pet's medication for any reason, even if you think the active ingredient is the same. And likewise, your pet should never ever ingest a human medication that was not meant for them.
Answer: Yes, when you pick up your medication from Noubar's El Adobe Pharmacy along with your pet's medication, the containers will be very carefully marked in an obvious way to distinguish which is which. Please always ensure that you read the label carefully before taking a pill, even if it's one you've taken many times before. A little bit of caution up front can save a lot of bad situations down the road.