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The Benefits Of A Community Pharmacy
11 Aug, 2017 , , 8 Comments
benefits of a community pharmacy

Community pharmacies have grown in the recent years, and this isn’t by accident or chance. There are unique benefits that one gets when visiting a community pharmacy that keeps them coming back. Here are some some reasons why you should consider switching to a community pharmacy such as Noubar’s El Adobe.


Trust and Quality Service

A visit to a community pharmacy almost certainly assures you of better quality due to the relationship and trust built. Since you most likely know those serving you and they also know you, they tend to care about your problem genuinely. As a result, they can go the extra mile to help you because to them you’re not just another faceless customer but someone they recognize. At least that’s how we do things at Noubar’s El Adobe.


Friendly Customer Experience

People who attend community pharmacies may know you and who may most likely know them. When you encounter a familiar face during times of illness, as you seek medical attention, your morale gets a boost, and it uplifts your spirits. You not only receive the medical services you require but also the empathy that encourages you during a tough time.


Job Creation

Every time you patronize the pharmacy in your area, you contribute directly to the creation or maintenance of jobs there. Supporting fellow workers in your community while improving your health is a win- win all around. 


Specialized Services

A community pharmacy will pay more attention to your needs as a familiar member of the community. Due to the lesser number of clients, you will be able to receive a more individualized, compassionate standard of care compared to a “big box” pharmacy.


Quick Delivery

Whenever you order products from Noubar’s El Adobe and receive free delivery, you do not have to wait for 24 hours or more to receive them. Being able to access any medication you order quickly can be a critically expedient service for so many who rely on their medicine each day.


Direct Feedback

Becoming known as a patient at your local community pharmacy makes so you much more than just another customer. You’re a friend, and as such, your feedback and requests are greatly valued. This helps you play a more direct role in improving the medical services you rely on to stay healthy. 

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